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CourseInstitutionB.S. B.A.M.A.Ph.D.Policy MakersLanguage
Innovation EconomicsCSB/SJU & SOUX   ENG.
Introduction to EconometricsCSB/SJUX   ENG.
Economic Impact EvaluationCSB/SJU & UGto.XX XENG. & SP.
Introduction to EconomicsCSB/SJUX   ENG.
MacroeconomicsUGto. & SOUX   ENG. & SP.
MicroeconomicsUGto.X   SP.
Certificate in Applied EconomicsUGto.X  XSP.
Certificate in Evaluation of Public PoliciesUGto.   XSP.
Estimating Risk Preferences with Maximum Likelihood using STATAUGött. XX ENG.
Academic Advisor / MentoringCSB/SJU & UGto.X   ENG. & SP.
Note: Selected by the 2017-2018 “Teaching Avant-garde” program of the University of Guanajuato to promote teaching practices with international standards.